Inner & Outer Space

Inner & Outer Space was the first Waveform album to be specifically written as library music for the visual arts. A collection of 24 ambient soundscapes that convey the beauty and mystery of both our inner space and the space beyond our planet, the moods and atmospherics created by Waveform are intended to perfectly complement film, television and multimedia projects in this subject material. The music would also cross-over into genres such as science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Tracks have been used in Art Galleries, Radio Drama, Science Fiction Series, & TV Documentaries all over the world.

The use of tracks within projects will require a license, and we can put you in touch with our licensing agents.

1) Distances – Mysterious, floating & wondrous. Synthesisers, choirs & bells combine, evoking an impression of immense distances or cavernous proportions. Subtle rhythm introduced at 1:05 draws the listener deeper in.

2) Infinity - Majestic beauty, & awe inspiring wonderment. Atmospheric spiral washes of sound, ebb & flow, creating a glimpse of infinity.

3) Unseen Eyes – Cold, isolation & unknown menace. Eerie, floating and haunting atmospherics with an ominous suggestion of hidden danger.

4) In A Vacuum – Floating, mysterious, & the delicate nature of existence. Swirls of mysterious Choirs create an impression of wonder & majesty in the fragile protection of a thin cocoon of air.

5) Birth Of Stars (Ambient Mix) – Stark beauty & serene contemplation. Wisps of sound weave an intricate pattern of evolving textures.

6) Birth Of Stars (String Theory Mix) – Tranquil, evolving & contemplative. Cosmic strings add to the serene beauty.

7) Docking - Gradual movement, elegant, & graceful. Clusters of shifting chords gradually draw together two bodies in a slow motion ballet.
Strings introduced at 0:45 suggest an elegant grace, & textures at 2:00 hint at wisps of escaping oxygen.

8) Out of range – Loss of direction, drifting & foreboding. Drifting electronic patterns of notes shift in & out of range creating waves of isolation & a drift into despair.

9) Lost In Wonder – Awe struck beauty & wondrous contemplation. Choirs, Strings & synths combine to convey a soundscape of awesome beauty.

10) Nebulae – Wistful, remote isolation with an air of melancholy. Meandering washes of orchestrated synthesizers paint an image of distant splendour.

11) Floating – Dreamy, floating, with a feeling of peace & stillness. Shifting phrases of synthetic clouds, portray an experience of weightless freedom.

12) Signals – Mysterious, foreboding, nervous apprehension. Distant electronic messages move in & out of focus against the backdrop of infinity.

13) Galaxies – Shimmering beauty & elusive aspirations. Delicate, shimmering, icy synthesisers reflect points of light on their journey through the depths of space. 1

4) Hidden Worlds – Floating, mysterious & drifting, with a sense of anticipation. Mysterious, evolving synthetic chords convey an oppressive ambience with the potential of revealed secrets.

15) Closing In – Strange beauty, dark & overwhelming, with a fear of the unknown. Waves of electronic modulations form a disturbing backdrop as a lone signal locks on to an unseen destination.

16) No Way Out – Disturbing, plaintive lament, fear of eternal entrapment. Oppressive walls of sound close in, as a mournful guitar cries and wails.

17) Into The Void – Ethereal & stark beauty, with a feeling of anticipation. Resonant synths and cascading bells help to create an impression of descent into the abyss.

18) Tranquility – Peaceful, calm, tranquil & relaxed. Choirs & synthesisers eddy & gently swirl to create an ambience of calm serenity.

19) Spirals – Grandiose splendour, dramatic yet serene. Interweaving spirals of cosmic strings orbit around a repeating theme.

20) Stardust – Shimmering, glittering beauty & vast splendour. Delicate swirls of sound dance against a sustained celestial backcloth.

21) Fading Light – Thoughtful, introspective & reflective. Meandering atmospheric phrases entwine to create an impression of diminishing light.

22) Into The Unknown – Suspense & trepidation, becoming mysterious, dynamic & majestic with an air of anticipation. Dramatic and apprehensive chords set the scene. The subtle drums at 0:38 start the journey into the unknown.

23) Vortex – Disturbing, disquieting, fear & confusion. Disconcerting, tortured souls form a dissonant choral soundscape.

24) Re-Entry – Dramatic & grandiose, with a feeling of relief. Kettle drums announce a successful re-entry, & triumphant, sustained organ sounds are a welcome signal of a successful return.