Waveform - Discography

Gently Does It.

1990 - 4 track cassette single.

Gently Does It, New Horizons,
First Sight,
When Penguins Learn To Dance

Surreality -
Various Artists.

1990 - Compilation CD.

In Search Of New Horizons

Waveform -
Making Waves.

1991 - CD & Cassette WFCD 01 WFCAS 01

In Search Of New Horizons, Adrift, Stormbringer,
First Sight,
Gently Does It,
The Cave Behind The Waterfall.

Making Waves
(i) Ripples In The Dark: The Journey Begins
(ii) Downstream
(iii) Airboat To The Reef
(iv) Hidden Depths
(v) Water Butterflies (vi) The Influence Of The Moon: Journey's End

Zenith -
Various Artists

1994 - Magazine Cover-Mount


Emma '94 -
Various Artists

1994 - Compilation CD


Waveform -
Virtual World

1995 - CD & Cassette WFCD 02 WFCAS 02

Gateway To Infinity, Deeper & Deeper In, Technophobia, Flight, Vista, Tornado, Wastelands, Digital Love, Assassin, Dreamstate, Stairway Of Lost Souls, New Reality

Waveform - Eternia EP

2001 - CD EP WFEP 01

Eternia, Skydancer, Mind Games, Trancemissions (From Another Dimension)

Waveform -
Inner & Outer Space

2006 Library CD WFCD 03

See Releases section for track details

Dreamaiden -
Blue Light

April 2007 CD

Deeper - Track
Co-Written track with Dreamaiden