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Following a period of re-equipping, Mainstream Studio was upgraded to a fully equipped 24 track studio. Synth additions included the groundbreaking Kurzweil K2000.

The first opportunity for fans to enjoy a taste of the forthcoming Waveform album came In 1994, when a soundscape of synthesised birds and insects portraying the sounds of the rainforest introduced "Vista" on the Emma compilation CD.

Featured artists included Robert Fox, Mark Shreeve, Andy Pickford, Jim Kirkwood and Ian Boddy.

In 1995 Virtual World was released. Almost five years in the making, and containing over an hour's worth of Music: the tracks blending seamlessly together for an unforgettable musical experience. Using advanced music and speech synthesis techniques, Virtual World explored the theme of Virtual Reality. Set in the near future, the album begins by introducing the listener to the worlds first Virtual Reality Network.

In 2001 the Eternia EP was released. Featuring 4 fresh tracks that signalled a new direction in the Waveform sound, the EP tied in with the popularity of Waveform tracks on Waveform also collaborated in tales2tell, providing atmospheric music to accompany the poetry of Steven Hewitt. At one stage, the results of the collaboration accounted for 4 of the top 5 poetry downloads on

2006 saw the release of Inner & Outer Space – Waveform’s first Library Music CD.

The collection of 24 ambient soundscapes is intended to perfectly complement film, television and multimdeia projects in subjects that feature either underwater or Outer Space themes. The music also crosses over into genres such as science fiction, fantasy and horror.

In recent years, Steve’s experience has been put to good use as a mastering engineer. Mainstream Mastering has helped to put the finishing touches to CDs by more than 50 artists in a wide variety of styles - from Hip Hop to Choral and from Trip Hop to Electronic!