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1991 saw the completion of Making Waves, whose release was greeted with critical acclaim. Thanks to the enthusiasm of European DJs, the album was an instant success in Germany and Holland and featured regularly in radio broadcasts throughout Europe. In the US, the laid-back feel of the album seemed to tie in with the “New Age” ethos, winning over a wide audience on the west coast and broadening the appeal of the album.

The often relaxing sounds of the album, led to its use by therapists, and you may well have heard Making Waves used as incidental music on TV, or as background music in Sea Life Centres throughout the UK.

As the popularity of the Waveform sound grew, the music of Waveform was also in demand for computer games. Tracks were composed for many top-selling Amiga, CD32, PC, Nintendo & Playstation titles - often in conjunction with top games musician Alister Brimble. Waveform has also produced in-game music for online companies such as Shadowlight Games

Digital recording was in its infancy, and Mainstream were among the first studios in the UK to offer digital editing facilities from DAT. Work was edited and produced for companies such as Sony and Virgin, and Steve helped many independent artists release their own CDs.

Steve also found time to establish Tangent Music, a company specializing in music related hardware and software: supplying household names like Howard Jones, Jamiroquai, Simply Red and New Order. Steve's experience in the field of Music and Technology has seen him lecture on the subject, assemble sample CD Roms and produce factory presets for synth manufacturers.