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Welcome to the Waveform Homepage.

Here you can discover all about the unique and inspiring music of Waveform. Compositions rich in melody and full of life, with a distinctive style and flavour that is uniquely Waveform.

First heard on compilation albums such as Surreality in the early 90’s, the unique sound of Waveform developed and progressed, resulting in the release of the critically acclaimed Making Waves in 1991 which is still delighting listeners and winning new converts to the Waveform sound the world over. The epic title track of Making Waves (over 33 minutes long), traces the life of a river from its source to the sea. Six further tracks add to the appeal of the album, and its overall feel is calming, relaxed and highly melodic.

As the popularity of the Waveform sound grew, the music of Waveform was also in demand for computer games. Tracks were composed for Amiga, PC, Nintendo & Playstation titles. As well as incidental music for TV, you may have heard Making Waves playing in Sea Life Centres throughout the UK. The haunting melodies and atmospherics of the album, provide the perfect backdrop for discovering the lifeforms inhabiting our inner space.

In 1995, Virtual World was released. Using advanced music and speech synthesis techniques, Virtual World explores the theme of Virtual Reality. Set in the near future, the album begins by introducing the listener to the worlds first Virtual Reality Network.

Waveform's first Library CD: Inner and Outer Space, was released in 2006. A collection of ambient soundscapes for the visual arts, the 24 tracks convey the beauty and mystery of both our inner space and the space beyond our planet. The moods and atmospherics created by Waveform perfectly complement film, television and multimedia projects based around these subject areas. Tracks from the CD are to appear in an exciting science fiction project currently in production. Details will be announced when work is completed, so keep checking the site for details.

Enjoy your stay here, we want you to share in the growing number of those who get pleasure in experiencing the music of Waveform.